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I made this zine When Did You Decide to Live? for International Women’s Day—kind of an amalgamation of what I was reading at the time. About 10 days before March 8, I presented Pamela Sneed’s question to many women and non-binary people that I knew in Provo, and these are the stories and images of those who answered (I also mixed many of my own images throughout the Zine. I wrote the words "Influenced by Dorothy Allison and Pamela Sneed" on the first page before photocopying the series and later presenting them at the International Woman’s Day Forum where I was a panel speaker in my town. I also created the collages and layout. The balloons are mine. 


Camlyn Giddins

Maddison Colvin

Jamie Littlefield

Katie Rojas

Lara Candland Asplund

Sage Pearson

Paula Bravo

Tess Bybee

Brooke Oveson Walrath

Courtney Clark Kendrick

Sara Vranes

Rachel Harmon

Kellie Baker Daniels

Erin Ellis

Jennifer Carter

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